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Can my money make an impact?


The average 3 year return of Impact Investments.

- RIAA 2020

What do we do?

Choose HOW you want to invest.

Clean Energy

Waste and Recycling

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable Consumption

Health & Wellbeing


Decide WHERE you want to invest.

Solar Plant

Wind Farm

Recycling Plant

Hydroponic Facility 


Small Businesses


Green Buildings

Plant Based Meat


Make an impact and


Simple Deposits

No Minimum $ 

Measurable Impact

Portfolio Tracking

 Tax Returns

 Capital Growth

Financial Literacy

Inaam lets you choose how you want invest your money through a variety of themes. 

Once you've chosen a theme, we help you decide where within those themes you would like to invest.

You can now seamlessly deposit funds through Inaam and access tools to manage your investment journey. 


Be rest assured that every investment you make is delivering measurable change. 


Every step of the way you will know exactly where your money is being invested, who is going to be using it, what it is going to be used for and the potential growth of your investment. 


Social Impact

50% of Inaam's Profits go towards youth empowerment organisations chosen by you.


How do we do it?

Inaam partners with Industry leading Impact Investors to bring you the best Impact Investments on the Market.


100% Disclosure

We disclose everything about your investment, not just what we need to.

100% Impact

Our investments are screened with the highest scrutiny to ensure that your money is making a real impact.

Waste Management
Waste and Recycling
Sustainable Farming

100% of the time

Our vision, is our passion. That's why we're committed to delivering on it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. 

Sustainable Agriculture

iLearn - a new way to become financially literate.

At Inaam we integrate learning into our Investment process.

Our Investment process is simple, easy to use and intuitive.

We're putting the fun into Investing so that it doesn't feel complicated anymore.


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